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Property Tax and Finance

For anyone interested in investing in property, these two subjects are intrinsically linked.


Most people need to borrow money to invest in property and need access to funds. In these post-credit crunch days, raising finance is often not straightforward and specialist advice is needed to ensure you can get the money you need.


People invest in property to make money and where this results in a profit, the taxman wants his share. It is essential therefore that you get the best possible tax advice to make sure that you pay as l good sensible solution send this to ittle as the law allows.


As Chartered Accountants, we are extremely well placed to make sure that our clients get the best of both worlds - access to finance and tax advice that is right for you.


There is no "one size fits all" approach to our clients. Each financial strategy and tax plan is tailor made to each individual client so that we maximise the financial benefit for each client in the long term.


Contact our Managing Director, David Randles FCA, who has extensive experience in advising clients in this area. David is also a regular attendee at the Property Investors Network meetings in Harrogate and Leeds and has presented courses on property taxation at these meetings.