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Saving Tax


We have never yet found a client who likes paying tax! Our approach is to make sure that all clients pay no more than they are legally obliged to. This does not happen by accident – it takes thought as to how to structure a client’s affairs. This is part and parcel of our approach to looking at a client’s accounts or tax return – we automatically look for ways in which we can save tax, without you having to ask.


We have 3 key principles which underly our approach to tax advice:


· We look at the big picture, in particular, business structures, which will save you tax year after year.

· We look at the small picture, because if we can save a bit here and a bit there, we believe it all counts.

· We give advice which will stand up to scrutiny by H M Revenue & Customs, should they chose to investigate your affairs.


In summary, our objective is to give you peace of mind that you are paying the least amount of tax you are legally obliged to, yet have nothing to worry about if the tax man knocks at your door.